Registration for International Students


International students are welcome to study at Laureate for the Ontario Credit Program or the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program. To apply, please refer to the Registration Checklist for International Students.

Follow the steps below for acceptance to Laureate on or before the deadline date of June 15 for September semester.

1) Submit Application Package with a copy of the Registration Checklist and a non-refundable cheque/money order of $200 CDN.

2) Interview will be conducted with the student and Laureate administration either by Skype or meeting.

3) Reply to your letter of accceptance within a specified time limit.

4) Receive a Welcome Package from Laureate International College about:

  1. Accomodations and Canada Homestay Program
  2. Medical Insurance
  3. VISA application process
  4. Course selections

Application Forms for International Students:

Application Procedure for International Students

Application Checklist for International Students

Student Application Form

Letter of Recommendation

Student Personal Reflection Form

Custodianship Declaration Form- Custodian-Parents