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Free Student Visa Service – for students enrolled in Laureate International College

Free Student Visa Service – for students enrolled in Laureate International College

Laureate International College (LIC) has partnered with Kingsway Immigration Services (KIS) for this special promotion.

From January 1 to June 30, 2018, students who are admitted to LIC may receive free assistance in obtaining a Canadian Study Permit / Student Visa to come to Canada, or extend their stay in Canada.

This is an arrangement exclusively for the benefit of students enrolled in LIC.


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Life Learning Days at Laureate

Our students are actively learning while attending Laureate because we believe students should be given the opportunity to explore and try different experiences. To grow your brain, you have to challenge yourself by participating in new situations.

On October 3rd, a detective from the police department was able to talk to the students about being street smart and asking for help when they need assistance. 

On October 6th, students were rock climbing and horseback riding; some for the very first time. They also participated in team building activities to realize how important it is to know how to work together, share responsibilities and leadership.




Graduating Laureate Students Move Forward

On June 25th, our graduates who completed the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) have been accepted into specialized programs at Ryerson University, University of Toronto, McMaster University, and George Brown College.  These specialized programs require high marks from their grade 12 year to be accepted into the Business Administration and Nursing Programs.  Their success is based on meeting the secondary curriculum requirements with high standards, hard work, attendance, and support.  We wish them success as they continue their studies at the post-secondary level.

Some of our students have completed the English for Academic Purpose (EAP) Program, which is an intensive session to improve English proficiency and in preparation for college or university in Ontario.  These students will be going to Durham College this Fall to study in the field of business administration or hospitality.  Successful EAP students are able to attend either Durham College or University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) without writing the IELTS or TOEFL because of Laureate’s partnership with both institutions.



Experiential Learning Benefits Students

Throughout the school year, Laureate students participate in excursions and activities to extend their learning beyond the classroom.  Research proves that students learn best when many multi-sensory approaches are incorporated into their learning.  At the same time, they explore different parts of the city, they visit other cities like Montreal and Ottawa, and they develop confidence and additional learning skills.

Learning from textbooks in a classroom is only one dimension of learning.  Learning by active participation often creates sustainable understanding.


Using Technology to Improve Learning

Technology is an essential tool for everyone to succeed in the 21st century.   Cell phones and laptops are tools that Laureate students use daily in the classroom to access information on the internet or Laureate’s Moodle where lessons are posted, using apps to increase vocabulary, or creating their own digital portfolios.

At Laureate, technical resources are evident in every classroom.  Students may be watching a video or working on their laptops.  Teachers are using tablets to instruct.  When students are absent, they are still able to access the lessons they have missed and email the teachers for any additional support.