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James Shen  Ph.D.
Director of Admissions and Enrollment

Solo Yang

Solo Yang  B.A.
Admissions Officer

Barb Sheppard

Barb Sheppard 
Admissions Associate


Contact Information:

Tel.: 416-800-8434
Mailing Address:
Laureate College
1921 Snake Road
Burlington, Ontario, Canada L7P 4Y2


What people say:

“I have been associated with Laureate College as Leader of the ESL Curriculum Writing Team. Director Bev Ohashi cares deeply about providing quality education, and have pulled together a terrific writing team that includes experienced ESL teachers with expertise in technology, assessment, university entrance English exams and more. Under their direction, we have written curriculum that uses highly innovative 21st century pedagogy to meet Ministry of Education learning expectations and goals. We are immensely proud of the curriculum and are confident that it is unsurpassed in quality.”
Dr. Allyson Eamer
Faculty of Education, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)
"Laureate Supervising Principal Bev Ohashi is an exemplary educator and school leader. Beverley Ohashi has been nationally recognized for excellence in education, receiving Canada’s Outstanding Principal Award. Laureate hires outstanding teachers, delivers rigorous Ontario curriculum and challenges students to be the best they can be. Laureate successfully prepares its students for post-secondary studies at university and college.”
Karen Jackson
Ontario Principals’ Council Principal Coach, Student Success School Support Initiative
“As a superintendent in the Toronto District School Board, I was privileged to work with Bev Ohashi when she was an administrator in my Family of Schools. Bev is an experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated educator. Her impeccable integrity and professional commitment to excellence sets the standard in everything that she undertakes.”
Jim Watt
Retired Superintendent

Students say:

Laureate Student 2020

"Laureate was the best school that I have attended with wonderful teachers, principal, and staff. I made a lot of good memories from the school’s excursions and events."

Luciano, student

Online Summer Course

“This was a short eventful month that I had with you and it was nice to have you as my math teacher. I think that this class made me more prepared for the upcoming school and I hope that I would see more teachers like you in my school. I tried my best in this course and with your support, I was able to show my best.”

Hojin, summer school student

Student Testimonials from Summer 2019 Hong Kong

"This summer I enrolled in a course at Laureate College. Half of the course was held online in Canada, while the other half was held in person in Hong Kong. The course I took was international business. It was ironic that I was taking international business, internationally. I believe this experience allowed the course to take a better direction as we were not trapped in Canada’s own bubble. We could see first hand what it was like for countries to do business with each other. It was especially good because it was in Hong Kong, one of the world’s largest business hubs. This course was a good learning experience."

Andy, summer program student

“I believe that this course was very fun. I was taught the material that I would have learnt in normal day school. The integration of in school and online was also a very good system. The best part of the school was being able to come to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, not only was I able to adventure and explore a nice city, I had the opportunity to learn about many topics related to international business. I think that the school should continue these programs and promote in our school even further. It will give many students the opportunity to travel and earn a school credit at the same time. Overall this was a very fun course and I would highly recommend this to all other students.”

Vincent, summer program student
"I am Riley and I am glad to talk about my experience in Shanghai and online course. I studied G10 English in Shanghai with Ms.Luke and I had a wonderful time spending it with my classmates and teachers there. I lived with classmates and we became very good friends and support each other discussing problem questions online. I also learned G11 Math in August. The teacher, Mr. Ha is a very responsible teacher. He taught me how to think of the question and did video calls when I had some trouble. I am so happy to choose Laureate College for my summer school courses. Also I can do it in my country, China! Thank you so much and I am glad to meet all of you during summer school! ”
“I am a graduate from Laureate College. I feel thankful to Laureate because this is a school that led me to the success and because of Laureate, I am able to go to my dream university … The University of Toronto. If there is a second family except my original family, it would be Laureate. The teachers and principal are so patient and so caring of every single student’s feelings. Even when I am outside my home country, I am still being cared for and someone is always there for me. Laureate is a small high school that specialize in individual learning. It is not a drawback but a place where teachers are able to put their attention to every single student. To me, they are not just teachers, they are more like my family members.”
UT student
“I am very thankful to the honourable staff of Laureate. They do not only care about my academics, but also helped me from literally every aspects with practical and experienced ways.”
UT student
“The course is fantastic because there are interesting activities. It is really enjoyable as we have improved our writing skills as well as pronunciation.”
“Teachers care about each student (absences, punctuality and so on) and graduates have the chance to talk to two principals about their applications to universities/ colleges.”
“This is a wonderful course. I really enjoyed both sections of literacy development and oral communication. My English has improved a lot and my pronunciation is better. I will definitely come back next year.”
“The school is great because people are nice, the environment is wonderful and they use all new technology.”
“This English course was awesome and everything I learned helped me a lot to improve my English. It would be my pleasure to continue the oral communication program.”
“This course really improved my English. I gained a lot of experiences here in the school.”
“I like Marketing because it is so interesting and I’ve learnt a lot from it such as pricing and advertising strategies.”
“The teachers are very patient and helpful. They have given me more confidence in my English speaking skills.”

Laureate teachers say:

"Laureate College is a school where you feel like part of a family. Ms. Ohashi cares and trusts every staff member in the school. As a teacher, you can always seek support and help from the principal whenever you need. In terms of Laureate’s learning model, the blended model adds the important element in student learning which makes Laureate unique. Apart from learning at school, students get to experience the Canadian cultures through a variety of school trips. I really enjoyed teaching at Laureate."
Miriam Wong, B.B.A.
Laureate College is one of the best schools that I’ve ever taught. The level of support and care that the administration has for their teachers and students are above and beyond. I am honored to be a part of the great team and have never been so motivated to teach”
Brian Kim, B.Sc., B.Ed.
"Laureate College is an institution that wholeheartedly cares for the well-being of all the students that attend. As an educator myself at Laureate for a number of years, I had the opportunity to witness and be a part of the great work that they do for their students and teachers - from incorporating technology into the classroom to field trips and classroom resources - they have everyone covered. I would recommend students and teachers alike to begin their journey at Laureate and join the great community of learners that it holds itself to be."
Mina Shenouda, B.Sc & Mgmt, B.Ed.
“Laureate provides a solid academic education in a friendly, nurturing environment. Principals, teachers, and staff all work together to create ideal conditions for student learning. One-to-one teacher assistance enhances on-line learning programs. School trips provide opportunity to expand the Canadian experience of students. All activities are carried out with the number one concern being the growth, development, and success of each student. It was my pleasure to have worked in this setting as a teacher. I highly recommend Laureate for your child’s education.”
M. Graham, teacher

Parents say:

“I was introduced to Laureate by a friend. His child has successfully entered the Engineering Department at Queens University after studying at Laureate. Because of their warm and detailed introduction to Laureate, my child also came here to start a new study."
"I am a parent who is anxious about children’s study. But when I first met with Principal OHASHI, I was immediately affected and moved by her amiable talk. Later, in other contacts, I feel more that Principal OHASHI gave me and my child meticulous care. The one-to-one and responsible teaching methods of teachers in each subject also make children more active in learning, asking questions and strengthen their learning in class."
“I have to mention that Principal OHASHI is very professional and knowledgeable about 12th grade college/university admissions, the requirements of volunteerism to complete the high school diploma and the whole process. As a parent, I am very grateful to Principal OHASHI, teachers of various subjects and Ms. Wei, the teacher in charge of volunteer reporting, who has been tirelessly helping my son and me, and has been touched by their patience and love. This is the warmth and love that other schools don’t always have.”
“My child is greatly encouraged here. With the help of the Principal OHASHI and the teachers, he has made a lot of progress. At last, he has received acceptance from 9 universities, including Queens University Engineering Department, U of T Computer Science (Internship) major, Western University Engineering Department, etc."
"Thanks to Principal OHASHI and teachers for their help and educating my child, so that he left with a very good memory of Laureate. Thank you forever”
The Grateful heart