Guest Artist - Tara Lee Blight

Tara Lee Blight

Tara Lee Blight

Dance Performer and instructor choreographer

artists statement:

My work is inspired by a myriad of influences and experiences in traditional and contemporary dance techniques, music, art and multimedia. I believe that the beauty of dance is about creating movement to communicate and give space for connection and expression. I am continuously refining my craft by finding answers and presenting my work to audiences that are organic and authentic.


Tara Lee Blight has a 20 year career as a secondary school educator and is the Artistic Director for the Claude Watson Arts Program for the TDSB. She completed her B.F.A. and B.ED at York University and received her Master in Fine Arts from the University of Arizona specializing in Dance and Technology. As an educator and dance artist, Tara has written curriculum for the Can Asian Dance Festival and has choreographed and performed with many notable dance companies in Canada and the United States. With her extensive experience in the creative field, Tara is a strong advocate for arts education and continues to facilitate and create space for student voice in the arts.

Tara Lee Blight dance