Our Faculty


Our teachers excel in providing the knowledge, learning and critical thinking skills through direct instruction, on-line courses, and individual support. They are experienced teachers that focus on creating a positive and safe learning environment.

It is their belief that all students can achieve success through encouragement, support, and meeting individual needs. Opportunities are given to students to personalize their learning and to develop their awareness of how they learn best. Students will become active learners to strengthen their confidence and self-directed learning.

Laureate staff

The success of any school is determined by the staff that are committed to giving the continuous support and believing that all students can succeed. The staff provides a caring learning environment and a challenging curriculum to prepare students to achieve success not only at Laureate but in their educational pathways in postsecondary institutions.

All Laureate staff are highly educated with university degrees and experience in working with people. They take the time to listen, understand, and provide support whenever it is needed for students to learn. Creating a respectful, kind, and positive learning environment does give students the best circumstances to do their best. Counselling is always available for the students to discuss what their personal needs are and how they can reach their academic goals. The teachers take the time to get to know the students in the classroom as well as giving opportunity for experiential learning .

Staff participate in regular professional development so that they can find ways to work in professional learning teams; collaborate on using evidence-based instructional strategies and effective feedback. Bring student engagement in the classroom will motivate students to improve their learning and obtain higher grades.