Laureate is an inclusive community where families and students from diverse cultures and heritages bring their unique perspectives, strengths, passions, and talents and unite to contribute to the growth of our students and the community.

We invite students to embrace their individuality, pursue their dreams, and achieve greatness through their journey with Laureate.

There are four terms a school year at Laureate, and students can enroll at the beginning of each term in September, November, January and April. Summer School is another term in July. A student can take up to two courses per term with up to eight (8) courses a school year.

Kristine Foy, Director of Admissions & Communications

Kristine Foy

M.A.T. & RECE, Ontario

Director of Admissions and Communications

Every incredible journey begins with a single step; let’s do it!

  1. Book a campus tour with one of our Admissions team or
  2. Submit your Application
    • Completed application form
    • Proof of ID (passport ID page or birth certificate)
    • Most recent two school years’ report cards. G12 candidates need to include G9, G10 and G11 report cards
    • Application fee payment of $300 by cash, eTransfer, credit card  or wire transfer, WeChat pay
    • Other supporting documents, if available – awards, achievement certificates, portfolio for gifted arts program or professional assessment reports
    1. Personal cheque, Money Order, E-Transfer or Bank Draft in Canadian Dollars, payable to: LAUREATE COLLEGE
    2. E-Transfer to 
    3. Wire Transfer:
      Account Holder Name and Address:Laureate College Inc.
      Account Number:1081519
      Branch Transit Number:04012
      Institution Number:010
      Branch Address:5255 Yonge Street, Yonge-Norton Centre North York, Ontario M2N 6P4
      Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
      Swift Code:CIBCCATT
      * Please add a $40.00 CDN bank service charge to the total payable if paying by wire transfer.
    4. WeChat Pay or Ali Pa

Pros of Term-Based School

1. In-Depth Learning

The extended daily class sessions (150 minutes) allow for in-depth exploration of each course, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the material.

2. Intensive Focus

Students can concentrate on a limited number of subjects at a time, promoting a more focused and immersive learning experience.

3. Consistent Daily Schedule

One course in the morning and one in the afternoon maintains a consistent daily schedule, which can contribute to effective time management and routine establishment.

4. Flexible Progression

The shorter duration per term allows for more flexibility in progressing through the curriculum, potentially accommodating different learning paces and styles.

5. Advanced placement

Students can progress consistently in their strong suit areas in a shorter period, thus able to achieve advanced standing during the high school year.

6. Applications to post-secondary admissions

G12 students will be able to submit six G12 courses’ final marks for acceptance decisions by the end of term 3 instead of four and two midterm marks as compared to semester-based schools.

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