Online FAQs

At Laureate, we provide both full time online program (OSSD & EAP) and individual online credit program and IELTS Prep Program. You’ll be registered as a full time Laureate student if you are enrolled in our full time online program. Or, you can take one online credit course if you want to take an extra credit, repeat one course or just learn the course ahead. More can be learned at Why Laureate Online

Taking Full time Online Program is just like taking classroom setting fulltime program. You’ll be registered as a fulltime student, be assigned the Ontario Student Number with your Ontario Student Record in Laureate.

For online program, we divide the whole school year into quarters. Each quarter students will study two subjects.

Q1-Term 1: September until middle November

Q2-Term 2: middle November until late January

Q3-Term 3: Early February to end of April

Q4-Term 4: end of April until late June

The detail can be learned from our School Calendar.

Besides, we offer Summer Online Credit Program as well.

Each credit course will be taught synchronously three times a week, one hour each time. In addition, teachers will answer your questions after class with phone, e-mail, online threads, and etc. Our teaching assistants will help you during your self-study period. Your individualized timetable will be provided after your meeting with our guidance counsellor.

You can change your mind and request to withdraw the online credit course within the First Five Days after receiving a mid-term mark so your mark will not appear on your transcript. To do so, you need to submit the Withdrawal Form and send to your course teacher in the required time.

Our online learning platform is Moodle. We will enroll you for each course in advance and you’ll get the login info before the class. The website address is:

It is recommended to use the Google browser, or UC, or firefox to open the platform

Please find detailed information in Tuition and Fees for our online program.

The Public School Board will accept the credit. Laureate College is a regular school registered by the Ontario Ministry of Education with Board School Identification number (BSID) of 885783. The credits awarded by Laureate should be recognized and accepted by other schools in Ontario. In order to ensure the transfer of credits, it is best to explain to your school in advance. If you have any problem for that, please contact our guidance counselor at

Credit you get at the end of the term will be transferred from Laureate College to the school where the child is attending.

We have specially set up after-class Q&A and tutoring time. Your support from Laureate’s instructors, guidance counsellors and teacher assistant are always there. Please do ask for help.

Students without Canadian credentials need to take an English Proficiency Assessment before your decision, which English course they may take.

Yes, the specific final exam format will be arranged by the teacher and school (on-line or off-line).The mid-term and final exam results will be counted into the final grade.

Yes, there is no distinction between an online credit or direct instruction credit or a blended model credit.  They are all the same except how the credit is delivered.  The transcript will reflect all the credits earned as the same.

Yes, the OSSD is exactly the same because it does not matter how you earned the credit whether you took it as online or in the classroom.

All the marks you receive is posted in TeachAssist that keeps a record of your submissions as well as marks you receive for observations and conversations you have in virtual classes.  You and your parent have access to these marks at any time.  In addition, you do receive a mid term report card (mid term mark only for summer courses) and final report card.  However, always ask your teacher how you are doing in the work and if the mark is not what you had hoped for, ask your teacher how to improve your learning.