Why Laureate Online

Our changing world has created opportunities to offer online learning as an option to gain Ontario credit courses, obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), and enrol in IELTS courses.  Depending on the type of learner students are, this may be an alternative choice rather than attending face to face instruction with daily support from a teacher.

The online programs still offer weekly virtual class time to interact with the teacher and peers.  Emails or other social media is another way to communicate with the teacher to get additional support and help.  Our online courses do provide resources where students can watch videos, view talking powerpoint slides prepared by the teacher, and listen to audio recordings to make online learning more interactive.

Online learning is focused on giving students personalized instruction and supporting a self-directed learner.  Each course has a guideline on the estimated time it will take to complete each unit but also allows flexibility for the student to work at their own pace.  Every course is designed to fulfill the minimum requirement of 110 hours where each student must complete a student log of the number of minutes/hours spent online and offline.

There are a wide range of courses offered online that prepares students for post-secondary education and develop the global competency skills required to succeed at the college or university level.  It is also cost-saving because you can complete your courses from home/office without travelling to our school as well as course fees are much lower than taking courses in a traditional setting.

Contact us to obtain more information about the courses we offer and costs at 416-800-8434 or email us at admissions@laureatecollege.ca or complete the registration form.

Register for the online course by completing the application form and submitting it with your transcript to admissions@laureatecollege.ca. Only these 2 documents are necessary with your payment to make arrangements for your online class.

Laureate Online, learning with more flexibility, strong support and great results!

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