Karen Jackson
Ontario Principals’ Council Principal Coach, Student Success School Support Initiative
"Laureate Supervising Principal Bev Ohashi is an exemplary educator and school leader. Beverley Ohashi has been nationally recognized for excellence in education, receiving Canada’s Outstanding Principal Award. Laureate hires outstanding teachers, delivers a rigorous Ontario curriculum and challenges students to be their best. Laureate successfully prepares its students for post-secondary studies at university and college.”
Jim Watt
Retired Superintendent
“As a superintendent in the Toronto District School Board, I was privileged to work with Bev Ohashi when she was an administrator in my Family of Schools. Bev is an experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated educator. Her impeccable integrity and professional commitment to excellence set the standard in everything she undertakes.”

"Laureate was the best school that I have attended with wonderful teachers, principal, and staff. I made a lot of good memories from the school’s excursions and events."

Luciano, Class 2020

"I am very thankful to the honourable staff of Laureate. They not only care about my academics but also helped me in literally every aspect in practical and experienced ways."

Kevin, UT student

“I am a graduate of Laureate College. I feel thankful to Laureate because this school led me to success, and because of Laureate, I can go to my dream university … The University of Toronto. If there is a second family except my original family, it would be Laureate. The teachers and principal are patient and caring about every student. Even outside my home country, I am still being cared for, and someone is always there for me. Laureate is a small high school that specializes in individual learning. It is not a drawback but a place where teachers can focus on every student. They are not just teachers; they are more like my family members..”

Shera, UT student

“The course is fantastic because it has interesting activities. It is really enjoyable, and we have improved our writing skills and pronunciation.”


“Teachers care about each student (absences, punctuality and so on), and graduates can talk to two principals about their applications to universities/ colleges.”


“This is a wonderful course. I really enjoyed both sections of literacy development and oral communication. My English has improved a lot, and my pronunciation is better. I will definitely come back next year.”


“This English course was awesome; everything I learned helped me greatly improve my English. It would be my pleasure to continue the oral communication program.”

“This course really improved my English. I gained a lot of experiences here in the school.”
“I like Marketing because it is so interesting, and I’ve learnt a lot from it, such as pricing and advertising strategies.”
“The teachers are very patient and helpful. They have given me more confidence in my English speaking skills.”
"Although Laureate is a new school, it provides optimal conditions for students to learn. The principal directly takes care of the student's life. It is a very good environment, especially for students who want to live in a dormitory. "
T.C., Parent
“I was introduced to Laureate by a friend. After studying at Laureate, his child has successfully entered the Engineering Department at Queens University. Because of their warm and detailed introduction to Laureate, my child came here to start a new study."
"Thanks to Principal OHASHI and teachers for their help and educating my child, so that he left with a very good memory of Laureate. Thank you forever”
The Grateful heart
"I am a parent who is anxious about children’s studies. But when I first met with Principal OHASHI, her amiable talk immediately affected and moved me. Later, in other contacts, I felt more that Principal OHASHI gave me and my child meticulous care. Teachers' one-to-one and responsible teaching methods in each subject also make children more active in learning, asking questions and strengthening their learning in class." “I must mention that Principal OHASHI is very professional and knowledgeable about 12th-grade college/university admissions, volunteerism requirements to complete the high school diploma and the whole process. As a parent, I am very grateful to Principal OHASHI, teachers of various subjects and Ms. Wei, the teacher in charge of volunteer reporting, who has been tirelessly helping my son and me and has been touched by their patience and love. This is the warmth and love that other schools don’t always have."
“My child is greatly encouraged here. He has made much progress with the help of the Principal OHASHI and the teachers. At last, he has received acceptance from 9 universities, including Queens University Engineering. Department, U of T Computer Science (Internship) major, Western University Engineering Department, etc."
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