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About Us

Laureate College Aftercare Centre offers after school care to 2 different age groups: Primary and Junior.
Separating the children by age allows us to provide activities and environments that are suitable to the unique needs of each age-group. Each of our programs are designed to provide children with enrichment in science and arts, as well as plenty of time for physical exercise through sports, games, and outdoor activities. Our primary and junior programs each provide time for homework and academic support.


Monday – Friday
3:30* to 6pm

PD Days
8am to 6pm

*Times may change if child requires transportation.
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Primary Program
Age 6 to 9 years

Our primary program fosters children’s independence, friendships, and interests while prioritizing their holistic well-being. We offer engaging science and arts activities, promoting freedom in exploration, and lots of outdoor play. Through group activities, we nurture a sense of community. We develop children’s interests through activities like science experiments, art projects, and hands-on activities. Qualified staff provide homework assistance for math and reading, ensuring your child is progressing as they should be.

Junior Program
Age 10 to 12 years

In our junior program, we nurture critical thinking and problem-solving skills through exciting hands-on arts and science projects. These projects promote problem-based learning and teamwork, fostering connections with peers. We also provide structured homework time with support in math and literacy. Beyond academics, our program offers a well-rounded experience with access to a full-size soccer field, over 50 acres of land, and the Bruce Trail. We encourage physical activity through team sports, games, and outdoor activities.

PD Day Care
Age 6 to 12 years

Our PD Day Care program is where your child can enjoy a safe and engaging environment on professional development (PD) days. Our experienced and caring staff provide supervision and offer enriching activities, homework assistance, and outdoor play. We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your needs, all conveniently located at our centre.

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Fee Structure

1 to 3 days a week

Starting from
$ 298 A month + HST

4 to 5 days a week

Starting from
$ 498 A month + HST

PD Day Care
Select Dates

$ 50 A day + HST


Alongside our part-time and full-time programs, we offer transportation from select schools for an additional fee of $8 per day. 

We offer transportation from the following schools:

Allan A. Greenleaf
Guardian Angels 
Guy Brown
Mary Hopkins
St. Thomas

Holy Rosary

At this time, transportation will not be provided for PD Day Care.


We provide care for children aged 6 to 12, typically from Grade 1 to Grade 6.

We have two programs: primary and junior.

If your child is age 6 to 9 (Grades 1 to 3) they should be enrolled in the primary program.

If your child is age 10 to 12 (Grades 4 to 6) they should be enrolled in the junior program.

If you need aftercare for 3 or less days a week, you should register your child for part-time care.

If you need aftercare for 4 or 5 days a week, you should register your child for full-time care. 

Yes! As long as your child’s school is listed under transportation, we can transport them to our centre after school.

Yes, they can still attend! However, you will need to arrange transportation for them from their school to our centre.

Our enrichment activities will be centred around the outdoors, arts, and science. We have a beautiful property for children to play, hike, and explore. 

We will provide activities geared to our students interests in science and create programming that fosters their curiosity. In the arts, we have activities such as painting, arts and crafts, and more! 

Every day will have outdoor time, or indoor physical activity depending on the weather. 

The rest of the weekly schedule is a balance of science and art activities, and homework help. 

Yes! We provide a nutritious after school snack when your children arrive.

Care for March break will be provided by Camp Laureate! See page under Summer Camps.

Yes, we provide a few structured times a week for students to work on their homework, and provide additional support in reading and math as needed. In addition, during daily free-play time, children can choose to work on their homework then.

No, we do not provide care before school.

Contact Information

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1921 Snake Road
Burlington, Ontario L7P 4Y2

(416)800-8434 x125

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