Student Life

    1. Service Learning
    2. Social Clubs
    3. Weekend Program
    4. Tutoring
    5. Residence and Meals

Service Learning

At Laureate College, students have the opportunity outside of the classroom to participate in activities that allow them to learn skills or gain knowledge through actions of service. In service learning, students learn educational standards through tackling real-life problems in their community. Students can either learn by physically assisting in a community project (such as collecting food for the food bank) or by researching and helping to find a solution for a community problem, for example researching ways to recycle and help the environment.

Social Clubs

Social clubs are an important part of the boarding experience at Laureate College. Students are encouraged to participate in various activities that they have know previously or to try activities that are new to them. Weekly, students recommend new activities that they would like to participate in. When an activity is complete, students that wish to continue their participation, will form a club and repeat this activity.

Weekend Program

Students that board with us at Laureate College have the option of weekend activities that they may participate in as a group or individuals. Weekend activities may include: ice skating, bowling, swimming (at a community pool), hiking, viewing theatre performances and other community activities. Students often get together on the weekend and prepare a favourite meal by going to the grocery store and then cooking it in the kitchen within the residence area.

Tutorial Services

Students who require remedial support will have the opportunity to obtain additional instruction by the classroom teacher. If intensive support is required, students have the option of asking for a private tutor or request the communications tutorial service for an additional fee.

Residence and Meals

Each day 3 hot meals are provided for boarding students, including weekends and holidays. Students also have the option and amenities to cook their own meals in the kitchen area within the boarding area or to be able to order food from outside services (at their own expense).

Other school support services and resources.

All students will be provided the following:

  • guidance counseling for personal/social concerns, educational planning, and career planning
  • internet access
  • nearby food services
  • remedial support