Specialized Pathways

Laureate College’s Specialized University Prep Pathway Program gives students the preparation they need to be successful in university admission applications as well as in their post-secondary education and even further in their future careers. Starting from personal SWOT analysis and considering the student’s (as well as his/her family’s) career objective, LIC will help to identify the student’s post-secondary education program and thus make a study plan for them.

With unique academic programs, after-school supporting activities and extracurricular programs, all students are able to pursue what interests them most.

International Business Program (IBP)

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This program is designed for students who have decided that the international business field is their goal when they graduate from university or college.  To prepare for such specialized programs, students must plan at the high school level to gain knowledge, understanding, and critical thinking in business concepts and entrepreneurship. There are prerequisites for the International Business Programs at the university level.  These courses will be selected by the program counsellor/principal before the school year begins.
Laureate College helps to prepare motivated students to enter the global economy with a better understanding of business within the context of culture and ethics, better study methods, critical thinking, and organization tactics.
Students will be encouraged:
  • to participate in national and internationally recognized contests, like DECA
  • to take robust university prep courses, like marketing (BMI3C), financial accounting fundamentals (BAF3M), international business(BBB4M), business leadership (BOH4M) and etc.
  • to get mentorship from university business school students
  • to join the university tour, participate in business seminars and career shadowing opportunities

Advanced Science and Engineering (ASEP)

science and engineering
In this field of advanced science and engineering, students may decide that they enjoy learning about science beyond the required 2 credits in science toward their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Students can specialize in the areas of biology, chemistry, and physics. The prerequisites for Engineering at the post-secondary level require mathematics and sciences. An inquisitive mind that challenges conventional thinking will promote innovation and lateral thinking.
Laureate College’s Advanced Science & Engineering Program (ASEP) successfully prepares students for university majors in science, engineering, and computer science. The unique curriculum combines a contest-prep program with real-world problem-based learning, encouraging students to develop as scientists and engineers.
Students will be encouraged:
  • To participate in the Math and Computing contests by the University of Waterloo
  • To get mentorship from university science and engineering program students
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