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Camp Laureate is committed to providing and implementing safety procedures and policies to minimize risk to campers and staff members and to provide an amazing camp experience. Camp Laureate has over 50 acres of outdoor space, surrounded by trees and ready for outdoor activities. We are committed to doing all that we can to make Camp Laureate as safe as possible this year, and every year.
COMMUNICATION: We are committed to maintaining an open and honest line of communication with both our valued families and dedicated staff, striving to share information promptly and efficiently. Your engagement is greatly appreciated, and we encourage a two-way dialogue, welcoming your outreach at any time. Please take a moment to read and respond to our emails and calls, as we look forward to fostering a positive and collaborative relationship.
HEALTH SCREENING: Currently, we ask that everyone be cautious and follow all current guidelines recommended from the Ministry of Health. If your camper is feeling unwell due to COVID-19 or other illness, we encourage them to stay home until they feel well enough to attend camp.
CLEANING POLICY: All current guidelines from the Ministry of Health regarding cleaning and sanitizing will be followed.


CAMPER TO STAFF RATIO: Here at Camp Laureate, we take great pride in offering low ratios. Each group will be maxed out at 10 campers per counsellor. These groups will travel around through the day’s activities.

When camper groups are with a specialist, they will then be in a ratio of 10 campers to 2 staff. This will help to ensure that all campers are getting the assistance they need and are not waiting for long periods of time.

All Counsellors are responsible for ensuring the safety and care of the campers. All staff will be trained and supervised by the Camp Directors. Staff hiring is well underway to make sure that ratios are maintained even when staff are absent.

MASKS AND PPE: Camp Laureate is a mask friendly facility. If your camper feels more comfortable wearing a mask at camp, please encourage them to do so. Camp Laureate staff are welcome to wear masks and PPE as well. In addition, all current regulations regarding masks and PPE from the Ministry of Health will be implemented.  


Camp Laureate is dedicated to providing a wide variety of games and activities led by talented specialists and leaders. This is how the fun and magic of camp takes place. Along with providing fun and engaging activities, we foster the development of social and emotional skills, friendship and learning opportunities. Our team has been working hard to develop a program that balances the true camp experiences while marrying the interest of STEAM programs. We understand that the past few years of uncertainty have been difficult for campers. We know that campers are ready to explore, create, innovate and connect with friends.
  • 50-acres of outdoor space are available
  • Campers will have the opportunity to explore the Bruce Trails which back onto our camp property.
  • Many of our traditional indoor activities or components of them will have elements outside. Ensuring open air and good ventilation.
  • At Camp Laureate we pride ourselves on providing small ratios, giving each camper the support they need. Staff to camper ratios will be adherred to at all times.
  • All campers and staff will be encouraged to sanitize or wash hands before and after each activity.
  • Staff will be responsible for sanitizing used equipment and supplies in the frequency and manner outlined by public health.
  • Our cleaning products will be stored safely and will meet the standards for cleaning as set up by public health..

CAMP ACTIVITIES: Activity periods change based on the age and camp your child is registered in. 

We are thrilled that we will be able to welcome various activity providers to enhance our programing at Camp Laureate this summer. We are looking forward to these specialty days and the learning that will take place. Our camp will be providing an action-packed summer full of age-appropriate activities that are both engaging and challenging.

RAIN DAYS/ INCLEMENT WEATHER: Camp will be taking place rain or shine! We ask that all campers and staff come prepared for all weather. In the event of rain, we have an indoor facility available to us.


Hand washing will be required before and after eating by ALL staff and campers.  Groups will be assigned areas to eat in the dining facility. Their assigned space will remain the same throughout the week.
LUNCH: All campers will be provided lunch as part of the camp fee. The lunch menu is posted on our website and rotated weekly. If you know your camper would not eat what we are providing we ask that you send them lunch that day. All lunches will be prepared by the chef, ensuring that lunches are nutritious and kid friendly. Water and juice will be offered at lunch time.
LUNCH PROCEDURE: Groups will be given time to enter the facility and receive their food in the dining hall. As campers enter, they will be asked to wash/ sanitize their hands before eating. Campers will be monitored by their counsellors during this time. Upon leaving the dining hall, campers will be asked to clean up their space and wash their hands again.
DAILY SNACKS: Daily snacks will not be provided at camp. We ask that you send your camper with some snacks to help sustain them throughout the day. Campers will be given two opportunities throughout the day for a nutritious snack.
CAMPFIRE: Will take place every Friday and some food options may be available during this time. Food will be served in accordance with public health guidelines and vegetarian options will be made available.

WATER AT CAMP: At Camp Laureate, we make every effort to make environmentally sustainable decisions. We ask that you send your camper with a reusable water bottle that they may fill up at water fill stations placed around the facility. Please try to help us with our environmental endeavours and forgo sending your camper with bottled water.

FOOD SPECIALITIES: Based on the public health guidelines, incorporating food at camp will be permitted. Camp Laureate will follow all distributions and handling procedures outlined by public health. Camp Laureate is a nut aware camp. Some products that are used within the camp may be manufactured in buildings that handle nut products. We ask that parents only pack snacks that are labelled nut free. Camp Laureate is not able to provide Kosher food. If your camper has severe allergies, please be aware that our lunch options may not fit your child’s needs and you will be required to provide their lunches. Please reach out with any food concerns.


At this time, Camp Laureate does not provide transportation for campers to arrive at camp. Parents are expected to pick up and drop off campers on time each day.
  • We are taking every effort possible to make pick up and drop off as easy as possible for parents and campers.
  • On the weekend before camp, group camp counsellors will call parents and provide them with an optimal pick up and drop off time. This is to reduce wait times.
  • An adult will need to sign campers in at drop off, and sign them out again at pick up.
  • Plan to arrive at camp between 8:45- 9:00 each morning. Morning Flagpole activities will begin at 9:05am
  • When exiting the vehicle, campers will proceed to their group line, which will be marked by a sign stating the name of the camp they have registered for.
  • Plan to pick up your camper between 3:45- 4:00pm
  • Please remember to drive SLOWLY while on camp property
  • If your camper will be arriving late to camp, please be sure to email at
  • This will allow us to mark your camper as absent/ late that day.
  • Once you arrive, please pull up to the main entrance and let us know, someone will come out to greet you.
  • Please let us know at drop off or email us at with your expected time of pick up.
  • Please include your campers first and Last name and what specialty camp they are in.
  • On arrival, please pull up to the main entrance and let us know
  • A staff member will bring out your camper to you and have you sign them out.
  • If it is raining heavily pick up and drop off will occur indoors.
  • Park in the back parking lot and proceed to the back door marked “Emmaus Room”. Camp staff will be waiting to sign your camper in and/or out.
  • If you know that your camper is going to be absent from a day of camp. Please email us at to let us know. This will help us greatly with the attendance process and making sure your camper is well cared for.


Cleaning helps to remove dirt and debris from surfaces. Disinfectant inactivates both bacteria and viruses. Disinfectant is one of the most reliable ways to reduce the spread of germs from touch surfaces.
Our maintenance team will clean and disinfect bathrooms and program space throughout the day. Signage will be posted throughout the camp facility as a reminder of the importance it is to keep facilities clean and safe.
  • Cleaning schedules will be documented and maintained in accordance with Public Health regulations.
  • All staff and campers are encouraged to wash or sanitize hands between activities, before and after lunch.
  • Sanitize stations have been placed around the facility for convenience.
  • Health Canada recommends having soaps and sanitizers be readily available through out the camp facility
  • Health Canada has approved chemical grade cleansers and disinfectant to be used on all commonly touched surfaces such as bathrooms and shared program spaces.
  • Bathroom facilities will be shared and frequently disinfected.


Here at Camp Laureate, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and health of all staff and campers at our facility.
Camp Laureate will abide by all current regulations and recommendations outlined by the Ministry of Health.


The health and safety of our campers and staff is our top priority but we can not do it without your support. This summer will require a team effort to make this happen. 

Thank you for taking the time to review our operations and safety this year. As we look forward to this summer, we are excited for the possibilities and friendships yet to be discovered.

Katie, Emma, James & Bev
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