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student looking at work
student looking at work
You may spend a lot of time studying, but still can’t remember things. You may remember the information from the book,
Time management workshop
Time management workshop
Do you find it difficult to concentrate on your homework when your mobile is near you? Do you often forget
Welcome back to Laureate College
Welcome back to Laureate College
Our outstanding staff is looking forward to starting the year in their new location at 1921 Snake Rd., Burlington. Local
Laureate College tuition sale
Laureate College tuition sale
There are so many options to consider when choosing a school for your children. Here are 6 reasons why: Small classes Individualized

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Bev Ohashi

Beverley Ohashi
Laureate Director

Our mantra is to prepare young people to succeed in furthering their education at the post-secondary level.  It is also to prepare young people to develop citizenship, character, and self agency so that individuals can contribute to our global economy and communities. Laureate’s slogan is “Forward Learning. Transforming People.”

It is important to instill that learning is forever and never stops because it will change who you are.  Learning develops the imagination and intellect.  By reflecting you will find ways to improve and learn from your mistakes.  Having confidence will permit you to take risks and consider your options.

Having a background in public education as principal of Earl Haig and AYJackson Secondary Schools as well as coaching for the Ontario Principals’ Council for 3 school boards, leading our staff and students to focus on personalized learning, student voice, and inquiry-based instruction are the foundations of advanced learning for Laureate students.

Our key to student success is to provide high quality programs that meet the individual needs of students, ensure support and care, and offer exemplary qualified teachers. Laureate students will continuously strive for excellence and achieve personal and academic growth.

Covid-19 Protocols and Procedures
Revised for Sept. 2022

The protocols and procedures are changing as new information and directives are received by the Public Health to best address COVID-19 cases at Laureate College. The protocols and procedures from 2021 are still active in case the number of COVID-19 cases increase at the campus/community/province. 

As of September 2022, the Public Health has advised schools that masks are no longer required but an option. If a student begins to show covid-19 symptoms, the student must isolate for 48 hours. 

If no symptoms, the student can return to class with a mask for another 3 days and get tested with RAT daily. After 5 days, if no symptoms, the student no longer requires a mask. 

If symptoms do appear after 48 hours, the student must self-isolate until there are no symptoms for 48 hours. The student can then attend classes with a mask for another 3 days and get tested with RAT daily. If no symptoms after this time period, they no longer require a mask with a negative RAT. 

If symptoms worsen, a student may have to self-isolate longer or go to the hospital. 

With the boarding program beginning this 2022-23 school year, a management chart has been created to address COVID-19 cases in the dormitories. When steps are taken to address these cases, it should not affect the rest of the program. 

For international students travelling to Ontario, as of October 1, 2022, there will be no COVID tests required or ArriveCan submission or random checks upon arrival; masks are also optional on flights and at Pearson International Airport.