Boarding school life provides a unique experience unlike any other and often helps students prepare for College, University and living as an adult. There are many skills that students will learn while boarding at Laureate College. We help students develop their interests and explore their newfound freedom. Laureate College also offers the structure most students need to succeed. 

Skills you learn at Boarding School

  • Resourcefulness
    When finding themselves in a new situation or without an object that they are familiar with, students learn to search for ways to improve their situation to move forward in their studies.

  • Independence
    Although there is a time for making connections with friends and associating with other people, students will also learn how to work and accomplish many things on their own without the help of others.

  • Adaptation
    Students learn the ability to change or adjust their actions and emotions when they are faced with a circumstance that they may not like.

  • Self-Awareness
    As students grow and mature, they begin to be aware of their own feelings, skills and abilities.

  • Gratitude
    When students gain more independent skills, they often feel thankful for all that people in their life have done for them both in the past and in the present.

  • Interaction
    In boarding school facilities, students learn to live with their fellow students as well as socialize and associate with workers, teachers and other school visitors.

Our boarding room areas are separated into male and female. Each room is either a single or double occupancy. Private washrooms are attached to each room and equipped with a toilet, sink and shower. Each room also has a study area and storage for the boarding student.

Boarding students participate in various activities in the college but outside the classroom. Often students will gather in common areas or help each other with tasks and skills. Although meals are prepared and offered daily, students have the ability to cook their own food in a kitchen area within the dormitories and often share their culinary creations with other students and staff.