Frequently Asked Questions - Summer Camp

General Camp Questions:

You can reach the Camp Laureate Office by email at 

The Camp Laureate office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm

March Break Camp registration is open now!

Summer Camp registration opens on January 18, 2024.

Our early bird discount will be open from January 18-February 10.
Registration will remain open until noon of Wednesday of the week prior to the camp session starting.
If it is past this time, please contact the camp to check for availability. Late registrations will be accepted if space is available.

Camp Laureate is located at 1921 Snake Rd, Burlington ON, L7P 4Y2

For cancellations received 15 to 29 days prior to the first day of camp, refunds will be subject to a $100.00 administration fee, per camper. Requests for cancellations received within 14 days of camp are non-refundable unless a medical note is provided. Refunds will not be provided for inclement weather or for days of camp not attended.

The exception to the refund policy is days missed due to Covid-19 self-isolation. The Covid-19 refund policy is as stated below.

Camp Days Missed Due to Covid-19Camper Fee Credit or Refund
First 3 daysNon-refundable
Additional days absenta)    Credit 100% daily fee
b)    Refund 50% daily fee

We will pro-rate Week 5: August 8-11, due to it being a 4-day holiday week. All other weeks are based on a 5-day week. Refunds will not be given for missed days of camp

Yes, a tax receipt can be printed through our log-in portal. Log-in to your online account at

You can register for camp sessions up until noon of Wednesday of the week prior to your preferred week. For registrations after this time please contact the camp office at and we will do our best to accommodate your request, based on the availability of camp sessions.

Yes, registration is open until noon of Wednesday for the following week. Spaces are first come first serve, but if there is enough interest on the waitlist, we will happily open a new group.

Yes. We are always happy to accommodate where we can, based on availability. To change an existing registration, email prior to the first day of the registered session.

Just Ask! Staff are available at pick-up time to address questions and concerns.

We will do our best to accommodate friend and family requests based upon availability. Please ensure you put a note on your online registration under the ‘Request a Friend’ with the name of the requested camper. If the request is being made after your initial online registration, please call the camp office directly.

In the event that a camper is sick we ask they stay home. Please contact us at and let us know your camper will be absent that day. Monitor your campers’ symptoms and if they test positive for Covid-19 please contact us.

Lunch is provided in the registration cost. Our professional chefs will be creating a weekly menu of delicious, nutritious, and kid friendly meals. Snacks are NOT provided, and campers are encouraged to bring snacks with them to camp to ensure they are available throughout the day.

If your child is a picky eater, please review the weekly menus that are posted. If you think that your child will not eat a scheduled meal, please ensure that you send a packed lunch that they will enjoy!

Yes, we have a lost and found bucket that will be located at the front office during the day and will be brought to flagpole at the end of the day. If your camper is missing an item, you can check through the Lost and Found at pick-up. If you realize that you are missing an item after your camper’s session is over, please contact the office. If the item is labeled, we will put it aside for you to collect at your convenience.

Drop Off/Pick-Up Questions

Please be prepared to drop your camper off between 8:45-9:00am. Morning flagpole activities will begin promptly at 9:05am.

When you arrive on camp property, follow the signs to the designated Pick up and Drop off Zones. When you arrive in the morning, campers will head to their camp line, which will be labeled with the specialty program they have registered for. At pick up, parents are welcome to come talk to staff about the day. Please use the designated camp parking space across from the flagpole field.

In the event that it is raining heavily at the time of pickup, campers will be waiting inside to be signed out. Please park in the back parking lot and come to the back door labeled “Emmaus Room” to sign out your camper.

Yes, to pick up your child early, please email the camp office at with your expected time of pick up. We will have your camper ready at the front office. When you arrive, please call the office and a staff member will bring your camper(s) to meet you, and to sign out.

To ensure camper safety, only those on the authorized pick-up list may pick your camper(s) up from camp. If you wish to add an authorized pick-up and drop-off list, please email the camp office at with the name and phone number of the person being added . 

No, due to the location of camp, all campers must be signed out at the designated pick-up location by an adult listed on the authorized pick-up and drop off list. 

If you know you are going to be late to pick-up your camper before the 4:00pm pick up time, please call the office to inform us of your estimated time of arrival. Your camper will be cared for by a camp staff until you arrive. If you arrive after 4:00pm, there will be a $20.00 late fee until 4:15. After 4:15pm a charge of $5.00 for every 10 minutes. 

Staff Questions

At Camp Laureate we have carefully interviewed, selected and background checked all of our camp staff.  All adults working at our facility have a valid criminal record check with vulnerable sector screening. Our staff team is composed of qualified teachers, teacher candidates, university graduates, academic specialists, and enthusiastic leaders. All our camp staff are highly skilled and experienced in their chosen specialty and are ready to share their knowledge and passion with our campers! All staff have taken part in Camp Laureate policy and procedure training and are certified in Standard First Aid and CPR. 

At Camp Laureate, the majority of our staff are current post secondary students, or college and university graduates. We also have a handful of current high school students who are passionate about working with children and have plans to pursue careers involving education. 

We are very proud of our low camper to staff ratios. Each camp counsellor is responsible for a group of no more than 10 campers. If there is a Jr. Counsellor present, a group may have a maximum of 12 campers.

During specialized activities, we have 2 staff to 10 campers. This allows for all campers to have the support they need to be successful and enjoy our hands-on programming and limit waiting times.



If a camper has COVID-19 symptoms we ask that they follow our COVID-19 policy. Our COVID-19 camp protocol will reflect the current regulations of the Ministry of Health.

Any camper who develops COVID-19 symptoms while at camp will be sent home. If any camper gets injured at camp, parents will be notified immediately and be given the option to pick up their camper. If on-site first aid responders feel that the injury is serious enough to require further medical attention parents will be required to pick up their camper to seek medical attention. In the case of a life-threatening emergency, our Camp Laurate Director will call for emergency medical assistance, and parents will be notified of the situation. If a camper needs an ambulance, the camp director will accompany the camper, until a parent or guardian can get there. All camp staff have been trained extensively in the case of emergency at camp.

In the case of inclement weather or extreme heat, campers will retreat into our newly renovated indoor facilities to continue their programming inside. 

Yes. While at camp, all campers are expected to demonstrate respect for the dignity and rights of others. In the case of misconduct, camp directors reserve the right to implement an established process and/or suspend and/or terminate the stay of any camper, without monetary refund. Camp Laureate has a zero-tolerance policy for the following behaviours: 

  •   Physical, emotional, online abuse/ bullying 
  •   Lack of respect for camp property and/or the property of others 
  •   Any act of discrimination towards another person or group of people, including but not limited to remarks based around an individual’s race, religion, nationality, gender, gender expression, age, ability, sexual orientation and socio-economic status. 

At Camp Laureate, we expect each camper and staff member to demonstrate sportsmanship, co-operation, respect for others and instruction. 

If your camper has allergies, please indicate this on their registration forms. Please indicate any and all allergies as well as the symptoms for the particular camper. All of our camper’s medical information is confidential and will only be shared for staff who need to be made aware to keep all campers safe. Group counsellors will review the allergies or medical conditions of all campers in their group each week. Camp Laureate is not able to cater to all allergies, and as such, campers with severe or life-threatening allergies are encouraged to pack their own lunches. Where possible, our kitchen staff will provide alternative meals to campers. Camp Laureate cannot guarantee an allergy-free environment, but requests that all campers snacks brought to camp are nut-free to respect campers who may have allergies. When planning our lunch menu, Camp Laureate has chosen items that do not contain nut ingredients, however we cannot ensure that all products are made in a completely nut-free facility. Please communicate with the camp any questions or concerns regarding our allergy policy as we are committed to ensuring the safety of all of our campers and staff. 

If your child requires an Epi-Pen, you MUST indicate this at the time of registration and complete the Anaphylaxis Plan on your online account. Any child requiring and epi-pen must carry it on them at all times in a fanny pack/belt. Parents may choose to send in a secondary Epi-Pen that will be kept in the medicine box in the camp office. Please carefully check the expiry date of the Epi-Pen before sending it to camp. All staff are trained on how to use an Epi-Pen and to identify the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction. 

If your child requires an inhaler, you MUST indicate this at the time of registration. Any child requiring an inhaler must always keep it with them at all times while at camp. All staff are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of an asthma attack. 

Website Questions

Not to worry! Your username is always your email address. If you have forgotten or wish to change your password, click the “reset password” button below the Login box on the login page. Enter your email and you will be sent a link to create a new password. 

We try to keep our website as up to date as possible to ensure you have the information you need when registering your camper through Camp Brain. For the most up to date information, log in to our online system to see which camps are waitlisting. Please add your camper to the waitlist, and if a space opens up, or there are enough campers on the waitlist, we will create a new group so all campers can enjoy the sessions. Being on the waitlist does not guarantee a space opening. This may vary from week to week and program to program depending on interest level and number of campers on the list. We will contact you if a spot becomes available for your child. 

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