A Truly Enchanting Campus

Campus 2 path and trees

Throughout the year, our students witness the stunning seasonal changes that grace Laureate’s campus. From the vibrant hues of autumn leaves to the glistening snow of winter, the budding renewal of spring, and the lush greenery of summer, our campus provides an ever-changing canvas for learning.

Laureate College outdoor garden

Against the backdrop of the awe-inspiring Niagara Escarpment and spread across a picturesque 50-acre property at 1921 Snake Road, Burlington, Ontario, Laureate’s campus sets the stage for academic excellence, personal growth, and vibrant campus life. 

The campus boasts 150,000 square footage of a historical four-storey stone main building (1927) that seamlessly blends historical architecture with natural beauty, creating an inspiring environment that encourages learning, reflection, and connection. 

The outdoor fields provide ample space for sports and recreational activities, fostering a sense of camaraderie and physical well-being among our high school students. The Jubilee Garden, a vibrant and meticulously maintained oasis, offers a serene escape for reflection and relaxation or an idyllic spot for students to gather, organize events, or simply enjoy the garden’s beauty.  The Backyard Harvest greenhouse offers hands-on project learning opportunities and allows our students to gain valuable insights into sustainable agriculture, gardening and the cultivation of organic produce. 

Laureate College outdoor athletic field
Outdoor Athletic Field

Our soccer field offers a perfect blend of athleticism and natural beauty. It’s where our students come together to play, bond, embrace the joy, hone their soccer skills, and engage in friendly matches.

History in the Making

From 1927 to 2023, Laureate’s campus has been an exceptional education designation dated back in 1928. The legacy will continue as we prepare more students to become leaders for the 21-century and beyond. 


Notre Dame Academy

Notre Dame Academy senior students enjoying winter outdoors (1930)

bus transit

Bus transit between Hamilton and Notre Dame Academy (1928)


candidates band practice

Candidates’ Band Practice (1941)

Girls at Waterdown

Group of students in front of the building

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