Laureate College was founded in 2012 and moved to its current 50-acre campus in Burlington in July 2022.

Laureate College has four terms a school year, and students can enroll and start courses in September, November, January, and April. Additionally, there is a summer term in July.

On average, there are 30-50 full-time students each school year. 

Laureate provides both boarding and day school accommodations.

On average, there have been 10-15 graduates each year in the past.

100 % of our graduates have been accepted into their chosen universities.

Laureate graduates received offers from world-renowned universities in Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, etc. Additionally, 87% were accepted by their first choice of designations and one-third (1/3) were offered entrance scholarships.

On average, It’s about 1:6 currently.

Laureate does not offer AP or IB courses at this stage, but we provide 60+ OSSD and IELTS courses.

We accept G8 students for the reach-ahead program.

Laureate offers specialty programs in STEM, Gifted Arts and International Business pathways.

Yes. The Ontario Ministry of Education inspects Laureate to grant credits toward the OSSD. All public and private schools accept credits earned at Laureate, and Laureate-issued report cards are also recognized.  

Yes, credits earned from Laureate are accepted by universities and colleges just like credits earned through public high schools. Our dedicated guidance team provides post-secondary application counselling, workshops, university or college visits and OUAC application workshops to support our graduating students.

Credits earned at Laureate are treated the same as those from public high schools.

Yes, Laureate provides university placement guidance, multi-lingual liaison support, and in-school and after-school tutorials for our students.

Yes, the Laureate after-school program runs Monday through Friday from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. There are two staff-supervised clubs available for students to join each day. New activities and clubs are available each term, ranging from athletics to arts, leadership programs, and academic-focused groups, including Photography, Volunteer, Outreach, Literacy, Sports, Cooking, Hiking and Piano.

Yes, we provide various athletic programs, such as table tennis, basketball, disc golf, badminton, golf, tennis and soccer, among others.

Laureate believes each student has their own talent and potential. We accept students based on an overall assessment of their academic standings, preferences, and passions, and arrange interviews when needed.

The application process is straightforward and can be completed online by submitting the application form, application fee, proof of ID (passport or birth certificate) and most recent two school years’ report cards. The fee schedule is available on the school website: https://laureatecollege.ca/tuition-and-fees-2023-24/

Laureate offers four terms in a school year and the summer term in July. Students can apply for admission to each term.

As a new community school relocated to Burlington in July 2022, Laureate’s student body is diverse and multicultural.  Besides Canadian students, there are currently students from six nationalities who enjoy being part of a community that embraces global perspectives and understanding.

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