High School Requirements

Credit Requirements

The minimum requirements of courses to complete successfully are 30 credits of which 18 are compulsory credits and 12 are elective credits. It is common for students to take more than 30 credits so that they can prepare to have the prerequisites for several pathways to post-secondary education. For the grade 12 program, a student must have minimum of 6 grade 12 courses (usually “u” level) to receive acceptance to a college or university.

Details of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma and the credit system is explained further in the OSSD section.

Literacy Requirements

All Ontario high school students participate in the province-wide tests in their reading and writing on the grade 10 literacy test.

The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) is required for students to graduate with their diploma written end of March. Students who do not pass the OSSLT will have an opportunity to rewrite the test or take the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OLC4O). Accommodations are provided for special education needs and ESL students.

The OSSLT is a minimum-competency test where students will be reported as being successful or unsuccessful in June.

Community Service

To obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), a student must complete 40 hours of community service volunteering at established organizations, community centres, hospitals, etc. It is always best that a student confirms with the administration that a service to be provided can be counted towards the 40 hours.

A letter or a form that requires the signature of the individual who received volunteer support from the student must be submitted to the administration as a record of the hours completed and what tasks were fulfilled by the student.


At the beginning of each course, students will review the Welcome Student Handbook that provides details of school procedures, expectations, curriculum content and evaluation. Students will also be informed about the assignment requirements, tests, and the calculation.

School Code of Behaviour

Laureate College is a safe, nurturing, respectful, and positive learning environment that enables all students to succeed to their full potential. Our facilities are violence-free that promotes a sense of belonging for all students. Our values support equitable practices and respect for all.

School Participation

Many activities are organized by the school such as student assemblies, excursions, and special events that it is expected that all students participate and,

  1. Obey the laws of Canada, the Province of Ontario and the rules, guidelines, and policies of Laureate International College.
  2. Meet the requirements of attending classes daily. If absent, a note from custodian/guardian/ parent or doctor must be submitted to the school.
  3. Inform the school of any changes to any personal information (e.g. address, phone no., etc.)
  4. Share reports on academics, attendance, and other concerns with parents, custodian, and school personnel to provide essential support to achieve success.
  5. Accept that Laureate administration has the right to make educational decisions such as placement and program choice based on the information provided in the application.
  6. Understand and agree that any inaccurate information provided in the application may lead to immediate dismissal with no refund of tuition fee and sent home at the parent’s expense.

Ontario Student Record (OSR)

Each student will have an Ontario Student Record (OSR) maintained at Laureate College that maintains student achievement scores, mid-term and final report cards, the Ontario Student Transcript, and any other pertinent academic information about the student. Parents and students 18 years and over may request to view the OSR at any time.

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