Pastoral Care

Living away from home can significantly affect students’ well-being, personal development, and happiness. Our pastoral care is as important to us as the students’ academic or extracurricular endeavours. If students are physically, mentally or emotionally at odds, they are far less likely to excel in other areas of their lives. We offer:

Personalized Support

As mentioned above, individualized attention to each student is paramount. Recognizing their unique needs, challenges, and strengths is integral in providing the required support. This may include regular check-ins, access to counselling services, and mentorship programs.

Residential Support

Residential staff at LC play a crucial role in creating a safe, comfortable, and inclusive living environment. They address concerns, offer guidance, and ensure a sense of belonging among the students.

Mental Health and Well-being

Laureate provides mental health awareness programs and initiatives to create an open and supportive atmosphere for students to discuss their concerns.

Community Building

A strong sense of community is important to personal well-being. To achieve this, we offer organized group activities, events, and communal spaces that promote positive interactions, friendships, and a shared sense of belonging.

Communication Channels

Open and effective communication is crucial. We ensure that students have accessible channels to express their concerns, seek advice, and share their experiences. Regular boarding meetings, feedback sessions, and keeping the lines of communication open between staff, students, and parents are top priorities.

Conflict Resolution

Laureate is a diverse community, and because of that, conflicts may arise occasionally. By offering conflict resolution strategies, teaching constructive ways to handle disagreements, and fostering a culture of understanding and empathy, we promise we will always go to great lengths to safeguard your child’s issues with fellow students.

Health and Safety

The well-being of students extends to their physical health and safety. Students have access to necessary health services, safety protocols are in place, and a healthy lifestyle is always promoted at Laureate College.

School as Home

While boarding school has many advantages, navigating the challenges of living and schooling in the exact location is equally important as effectively as possible.

  • When your living space is also your learning environment, it can be challenging to establish a clear boundary between personal and academic life. To combat this, our structured schedule leaves plenty of well-defined time for students to pursue their interests.
  • The routine of going to a different physical location for school helps signal the start and end of the academic day. When school and home are in the same place, it can be challenging to establish a structured routine. Our morning routine is designed so students can start their day with breakfast, exercise, and a break, leaving a clearly defined period between waking up and attending school. When class ends, our boarders attend various after-school activities that provide the same break the day before they can return to their dormitories.
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