Enriched Boarding Life

Weekly After-School and Weekend Activities

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide our students with a vibrant and engaging Boarding Program, we offer a variety of after-school and weekend activities that students can choose to attend. These activities vary from physical to cultural and attempt to appeal to all interests. After-school activities are from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. All Laureate College Day Program students are encouraged to participate in at least two after-school activities per week per term, and all boarding students will participate every weekday. The weekend program is designed to encourage friendship and community within the boarding school, provide exciting opportunities to experience Canadian culture and give our students options to look forward to on weekends. Most of the activities are optional, but at least once each term, we have a mandatory event that all students must participate in; this encourages a sense of community in boarding.

Extracurricular Trips and Outings

Diverse Community

Recognizing that we are a relatively new school with fewer students compared to more well-established institutions, we proactively involve our students in community events and encourage contributions to larger communities.

Bring students out and bring people from the community in.

Activities At-a-Glance

Each term, we provide a new selection of after-school activities for the boarders to partake in, Monday to Thursday. We offer a combination of educational, athletic, life skills, leadership, and artistic clubs so that all students can join clubs they are interested in. Clubs include:

  • English Literacy: A chance for our second language students to expand their learning of English in a group setting
  • Volunteer Club: Students in Ontario must complete forty hours of volunteer service to graduate. This club offers our students a chance to explore outside opportunities and perform in-house volunteering by helping staff run the building.
  • Sports: Various sports clubs are available (weather permitting), such as badminton, tennis, basketball, table tennis, hiking, swimming, and soccer.
  • Arts: Photography, Painting, Writing, and Music
  • Personal Interests: Philosophy, Chess, Debate, Games
  • Cooking Club: Using the student kitchen and, at times, our commercial kitchen, students plan meals and recipes and cook meals for group dinners.

Individualized Attention

LC’s close-knit nature allows for more personalized attention from teachers. Students have greater access to instructors for academic assistance and mentorship.

Orientation and Residence Handbook

Orientation begins after enrolment. Students and parents will receive a welcome email with all the information, forms, and contacts needed to start school at Laureate College. A copy of the Residence Handbook is included so students know exactly what to expect before arriving on campus. Once on campus, a boarding team member will greet and ensure the new boarder is welcomed and helped to settle into their new living arrangement.

Our open-door policy allows our boarders to reach out to live-in dorm parents or staff members anytime they need help, advice, or someone to talk to.

Essential Life Skills

Effective time management is essential for students at Laureate College to develop. In addition to adhering to the school’s schedules, students have the flexibility to manage their time, take responsibility, and make decisions to achieve greater outcomes. At LC, we emphasize developing life skills such as time management, collaboration, communication, and problem-solving, which are essential for success in various aspects of life. Our onsite volunteer opportunities, meal preparation and the daily upkeep of their dorm rooms help self-reliance grow.

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