Guest Artist - Michael Noma

Michael Noma

Michael Noma


artists statement:

I am an artist who specializes in storyboarding. I generally use pencil and digital inking to draw, and focus on making sure my storyboards have clear visualizations and direction so that anyone in the production pipeline can understand the story and movement I want to convey in my work. I believe that storyboarding is a fascinating and intricate way to convey action and intent to anyone, and can help bridge the gap between fantasies imagined in the mind to the true, finalized creations that animation brings.


Michael Noma attended Seneca@York, where he studied Art Fundamentals for a year before being accepted into their Animation Program and graduating from the program in 2014. From there he continued to practise and hone his craft before finding employment at Stereo Deluxe, and worked as a Stereographic Compositor and Visual Effects Artist for four years. During his time at Stereo D he never forgot his studies and passion for storyboarding, and continued to study the advances and new techniques that storyboarding has gone through. 

Michael Noma - storyboarding
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