Laureate 2018 Summer Program

The summer months are busy with activities for students to continue their studies whether they are taking courses in Hong Kong or in Toronto as well as international students participating in a study tour of language learning and excursions to experience Toronto.


Toronto is a very fun place. I have been able to go to famous places for two weeks. For example, I went to Niagara Falls, CN Tower, Zoo, Musicals and lots of shopping malls. Wherever I went, I enjoyed myself very much.
My English has improved a lot after coming to the summer camp. My improvement is most likely a result from the help I received from my English teacher. He is very funny and he makes the classes and activities entertaining and easy to understand.
In this HK summer school course, I can meet new friends taking this program. It helped me improve my English skills as well as giving me the freedom to finish part of the course on-line anytime and anywhere. Then 2 weeks are with the teacher in Hong Kong.
The summer program helped me reduce my stress from taking all the courses during the school year. The teacher is also able to help me because it is a small class.

Unforgettable moments

Toronto Zoo
Toronto Zoo
Attending a concert
with Blue Jay fans
With Fans of Blue Jays (baseball)
Hooray! Graduated!
Hong Kong summer program
Hong Kong
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