How it Works

  1. Submit your registration package online or to

  2. Pay in full according to the invoice issued by Laureate College

  3. Attend the online learning orientation and if needed, the placement exam arranged by Laureate College
  4. Log in to the Moodle LMS, and the course(s) you enrolled in will be listed and accessible.

  5. Arrange the virtual/synchronous class schedule with your subject teacher (s) that best suits your day school or time zone.

  6. Embark the Laureate online learning journey to achievement.

Student Forms

Laureate Online, get your OSSD convenient, flexible and credit course.

There are a wide range of courses offered online that prepares students for post-secondary education and develop the global competency skills required to succeed at the college or university level. It is also cost-saving because you can complete your courses from home/office without travelling to our school as well as course fees are much lower than taking courses in a traditional setting.
Contact us to obtain more information about the courses we offer and costs at 416-800-8434 or email us at or complete the registration form.

Register for the online course by completing the application form (click on button below for the form) and submitting it with your transcript to Only these 2 documents are necessary with your payment to make arrangements for your online class.

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