Boarding Program

From the Coordinator, Boarding and Student Life

Greetings! I’m Brendan Johansson, your Boarding Coordinator at Laureate College. While this is my inaugural year residing alongside students in a boarding setting, my professional journey has been rich with classroom engagement, personalized one-on-one learning experiences, and coaching youth sports. This background has finely honed my ability to effectively supervise and support both individuals and groups alike.

I perceive our boarding students as a cohesive team. And like a team, we may engage in games and participate in competitions for fun, but our focus extends beyond mere play. The boarders, alongside our dedicated staff, collaborate to create an environment that goes beyond mere residence—it’s a space designed for students to not just live but to truly thrive. The relationships I cultivate with my students are incredibly important to me and to Laureate College as a community. I firmly believe that by understanding and earning the trust of each teenager, we can unlock their fullest potential and assist them in reaching their unique goals.

My commitment to an open-door policy extends an invitation for students to engage in conversations, seek advice, share laughter, receive academic support, or address any other needs they might have. I am dedicated to creating a positive and open space, as it is within such an environment that an optimal living and learning experience can truly flourish. If you choose Laureate College, I look forward to welcoming you into our family

Laureate Residence

Laureate College’s Boarding Program provides a welcoming and caring community environment that helps students become responsible, self-disciplined, and socially skilled in Canadian cultures and values.

We offer on-campus residences at the east (girls) and west (boys) wings on the second floor of the school building. A live-in house parent is residing on each wing as the supervisor and is responsible for the well-being of the boarding students. Each room is fully furnished with bunk beds, closets, desks and chairs, and a full bathroom. A limited number of wheelchair-accessible rooms are also available. All rooms have scenic or courtyard views with plenty of natural light through windows.

There is also a spacious common area for boarders to utilize or hang out. Each wing has a security system and requires a fob or passcode for entry. Security cameras have been installed in the dormitory hallways for safety and security. Cameras are non-intrusive and are only used to investigate security matters.

Bedroom Girl 1
Student dorm 2
sitting area and kitchen

Meal Plan
Our professional kitchen staff prepares food and drinks in our commercial-grade kitchen and provides a variety of balanced and nutritious meals and cuisines from different cultures around the world three times a day, seven days a week, served buffet style in our school cafeteria.

Laureate College dining hall
meal plan alt
meal plan chicken

Accepting Applications for

  • Term 3 (Jan 31 – Apr. 22)
  • Term 4 (Apr 23 – Jun 28)
  • Sept 2024/2025 school year


Gifted Arts Program

  • Sept 2024/2025 school year


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