Faculty - Corey Hayashi

Corey Hayashi

Corey Hayashi

Bachelor of Science English Literature

universities and colleges:

Fitchburg State University


I am a Canadian citizen who grew up in Toronto, Ontario and was born in 1993. My mother is of English descent and my father is of Japanese descent. I am entering my fourth year of teaching full time. Before teaching I was living in the United States where I went to university and played NCAA ice hockey.

Academic beliefs:

School is a place of growth and collaboration. It is a place where students can learn from their peers and teachers alike. It is important for schools to be understanding towards the different needs and opinions of students as everyone learns in different ways and comes from different social and demographic situations. Hard work and consistency are important to be successful in school. As a teacher, creating an enjoyable environment where students can be comfortable and learn in their own ways is extremely important.