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Laureate College is a co-ed, non-denominational private boarding high school in Burlington, Ontario.

Boosts a picturesque 50 acres of natural setting and 150,000 square feet of a historic four-storey stone school building, Laureate students embark on a transformative journey of learning and discovery with our motto, “Be Awesome, Be Amazing, and Be YOU!”

Founded in 2012 and proud to call our new campus home since 2022, Laureate is committed to providing an exceptional learning environment and enriched experiences to empower our students and equip them with the knowledge, skill sets and forward-thinking mindset to explore their strengths, passions and growth. 

Each student’s journey is unique. Laureate’s personalized learning pathways ensure an education journey resonates deeply with our students’ aspirations. 

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Individual learning path

Laureate College was founded on the belief that every student is unique and possesses an inherent yearning for learning, growth, and the ability to create a meaningful impact on the world, whether on a small or grand scale. At Laureate, every student actively shapes their learning journey within an inclusive environment characterized by innovative teaching, personalized experiences, abundant resources, and global connections.

Through our vision, mission, and values, we aspire to create a transformative learning experience that propels students to embrace opportunities and challenges with confidence, knowledge, and the skill sets they acquire through their Laureate journeys.

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