Laureate Difference

Teacher and student

Creating Individualized Learning Path

Laureate is a learning space where students and staff will focus on the well-being of each other and being part of the Laureate Family and community living.  Individualized Learning Path will be created for each student based on our blended learning model.

science and engineering

Specialized Academic Programs

Specialized Academic Programs such as International business Program (IBP), Advanced Science and Engineering Program (ASEP), or Arts Focus Program (AFP) are options for preparing for specific post-secondary education programs. 


Skating at the Bend

Local Community Activities

Students can participate in community activities, and volunteer at local organizations.

Laureate teacher and students

School Support Services and Resources

Program counseling is available to help plan for your academic and career pathways as well as support any personal or social concerns.  Remedial support is always available through the teachers and after school tutoring.  The program counselor will support each student in the preparation and application process to university or college.

Laureate’s Commitment

Students will strive for academic excellence and develop their personal best. 

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