Online Programs

Online OSSD Program

Laureate provides full-time online OSSD program with five terms in one year and students will take two online courses per term (two months). We welcome students to apply for enrollment at the beginning of each term.

Single Online Credit Course

Whether you want to take one or two extra courses to graduate as your plan, to repeat a course to get a better mark, or to prepare your study before your arrival, you can always take our Online Credit Course with the flexibility you want. Please check the online credit courses we can offer and just apply online.

IELTS Online Prep Program

Laureate College offers preparatory courses in IELTS examinations in small class size or one-on-one teaching. We offer 3 courses to improve your IELTS score. Please submit your application, download the IELTS Prep Program Registration Form. Your final placement of the course will be based on your English Proficiency Assessment.

Online English for Academic Purpose Program

This program is focused on developing and expanding skill levels of students from Asia to be confident and adaptable to meet the requirements of studying in an English-speaking environment. Students who participate in the EAP program will discover that they will be well prepared for the next steps in their personal and academic growth. Students will receive a Certificate of Achievement when they have successfully completed all the requirements for this specialized program.

Why Laureate Online

Quality Courses

All our online programs meet the standards of the Ontario Curriculum and online learner’s needs. Each course has course outline, clear learning expectation, multi-media learning materials, various learning activities and rubrics.

Blended Learning Model

At Laureate, we believe the blended model will give the best learning experience to the students. So, we combine the synchronous online instruction with the instructor-led asynchronous self-paced learning.

Individualized Instruction

At Laureate, we offer the online program with small class size and you’ll get more one-on-one individualized instruction from our certified teachers. Three time a week online live instruction plus guided virtual classroom

No Time Difference

We accommodate your time difference by providing the online virtual classroom at the time works for you to learn from at home.

Strong Learning Support

Online learning doesn’t mean learning by yourself. Laureate provide 3 to 1 online learning support to you. Ontario Certified Teacher(OCT) will deliver three times a week online live instruction and guide you for self-study on our wonderful learning platform. Our Bilingual Teacher Assistant will always be at your side for all the tech problem, after school tutoring, parent communication and progress report. Our Guidance Counsellor provides course selection, university application and other student-centered support.

Online Learning with Offline Activities

We value social interaction as one important part of education. Together with our valuable partners, Laureate provides joint activities for our online students in our four global campuses in Canada and China. More learning centers will be available soon.