September 4

 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time

 James Shen

Thinking About College: Am I Taking the Right Classes?

It isn’t just about your GPA. Taking the right courses and doing well is the single most important thing you can do to position yourself for admission to competitive colleges and universities. While you can never guarantee admission to the most selective colleges, taking the right courses is an important first step. We’ll share our suggestions and leave plenty of time for your questions.

student work group

September 11

8:30pm Eastern Standard Time

Beverley Ohashi

Am I Ready for Graduation?

To get the OSSD, you need to get credits, pass OSSLT and do volunteer work. What is your progress till now? How can you have a self-check? If you need extra credit, how should you take those programs? We’ll provide a self-check list, guide you to read your credit summary report, advise you how to get extra credits and answer your specific questions.

Receive the certificate and diploma

September 18

8:30pm Eastern Standard Time

Kyle Pope

How should I prepare my pathway to post-secondary education?

online learning

September 25

8:30pm Eastern Standard Time

Yan Wu

Looking for an art program: Sheridan College Experience

Arts focused program

October 2

8:30pm Eastern Standard Time

James Shen

Business Schools in Canada: how should you prepare for the application?

students in class
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