Interested in pursuing a major in the arts?

In order to strengthen the professionalism and diversification of our art courses, Laureate College recruited well known Ontario artists: Gordy Ess, Ruari MacLeod, Walter Raemisch, and Dean Matsumoto, as the college’s art instructors to participate in the design of our curriculum and as students’ art portfolio guide. We also Invited Tara Lee Blight and Valerie Stanois as our guest artist to help students pursuing their interests in arts.

These artists have won many awards in dance art, fine art, theatre performance, architectural design, visual art, and interior design.  Among them, Valerie Stanois has been performing on the stage of Broadway in the US. Gordy Ess’s artworks had exhibited in cities such as Cambridge, Paris and Toronto. Dean Matsumoto has served as a design consultant for many Fortune 500 companies in his 40 years of career life.

Laureate College has always been committed to cultivating outstanding talents. We believe that with the joining of these artists, we will provide broader stage for students with their passion of arts.

Gord Ess - art
Art work of Gordy Ess
Ruari MacLeod - art
Art work of Ruari MacLeod
Walter Raemisch
Art work of Walter Raemisch
Dean Matsumoto - art
Art work of Dean Matsumoto
Valerie Stanois
Valerie Stanois plays "Oz" in the Toronto Production of We Will Rock You
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