Laureate Students Challenged to an Online Debate Competition

Laureate online debate competition
online debate instructions

Laureate College successfully held an online debate competition virtually. This time the topic is the pros and cons of online and in-person learning. The students used the most refined language to clarify their arguments, logical framework, theoretical basis, factual materials, etc. The setting of the competition procedure takes into account the aspects of the argument. It not only provides sufficient space for both teams to have wonderful discussions, fully demonstrates their meticulous logical framework, but also provides both sides with a verbal confrontation Stage.

In the end, the teachers voted on both sides’ performance and ended up supporting the online learning team as the winning team. After the announcement of the results, students voted again based on their understanding and thoughts. However, the majority of the students supported in-person education, because they feel that online learning will reduce their chance to socialize with their classmates and teachers. Moreover, sitting in front of the computer for a long time will let the student’s physical and mental health has a negative impact. But the advantage of online learning is that students can allocate their time more reasonably and more efficiently.

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