Stress among adolescents

December student assembly

Laureate College’s second Student Assembly of the 2021-2022 school year was held last week. For this time, we discussed the stresses among adolescents. 

Teen stress is an important health issue. The early teen years are marked by rapid changes — physical, cognitive, and emotional. Young people may also face other challenges, including changing relationships with peers, new demands at school, family tensions, or safety issues in their communities. How teens cope with these stressors can have significant short-and long-term consequences on their physical and emotional health. 

LC students prepared for topics that they think should be talked about and shared their thoughts on. Here are some of the highlights:

December student assembly

‘Acceptance is the great ability to value all parts of who we are, unconditional. Experiencing adolescence can be tough, and it is completely normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed. People around us might be telling us what we should become, society be telling us how to do it” right.” Yet, we need to understand that it is only for us to find our authentic selves, only for us to define who we are. Don’t let fear get in our way.’

‘Nowadays teenagers should learn more than their parents do when they were students, the expectations from teachers, coaches, parents, and friends are even higher since the social network and modern media have made everything so intimate that everybody else has to be perfect. The development in art and science is too huge for students to catch up with proceeding progress and this trend will continue this way. Teenagers should learn how to study and face the value of secondary information, and they have to manage their logic structure along with knowledge depth. ’

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